Group Training

  • Don’t have the time to get to the gym regularly?
  • Need the support and motivation of exercising with others?
  • Prefer the ‘safety in numbers’ of training in a group?
  • Need low impact exercise options?
  • Wish you could bring the kids?
If the answer to any of those questions is “YES”, then I have the perfect solution.


Want to shape your booty? 

Come and join us at Personal Balance Bootycamp with your legs out and your lungs in - you’ll get sweaty, muddy…and fitter!

Where:      Long Furlong Park,  Abingdon

When:        Sunday mornings at 8.30am

Wear:         Layers, to make sure you start warm and end warm

Cost:          Cost: £5 per session or £20 monthly to save

Bonus:       Kids welcome too!

Private Bootycamp

Want to shape your booty but can't make Sunday mornings? Why not get a group of friends together and arrange a Bootycamp at work or at your local park during the week. Contact us for details 

Please complete the online Bootycamp Health Questionnaire  prior to your first Bootycamp session

If this gives you a taste for the Personal Balance approach to getting fit, why not arrange some 1 to 1 sessions,  at your convenience?