Diastasis Clients

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"I am a mum of two and have suffered with diastasis (separation of the stomach muscles) since having my first child back in 2005. I have tried various things but nothing has worked so well as the this.  Thanks to Viv and the Burrell Method, I am well on my way to sorting this out.  I totally recommend this to anyone, its achievable with specific daily exercises that do not take up too much time that can be done at home."

Nicola Abingdon
"I decided to contact Vivienne after a recommendation from a friend. 
After having baby number 4, I knew the diastasis I had following babies 2 & 3 would need some help healing!
Vivienne set me straightforward core exercises to work on. All of which are done at home with the simple equipment provided. They are enjoyable and easy to fit into a busy home life!
Vivienne also gave me achievable nutrition targets, suitable for a breastfeeding mum, which had an emphasis on healing.
I am now 16 weeks post birth and I feel much stronger and healthier than I ever have before at this stage! "


Emma Oxford

Amazing results and lots of hard work from my Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis Healing client...2 months between photos, with lots of colds and flu over Christmas, hard work since the New Year. Tummy gap has gone from 3 fingers in width and a soft midline, to 2 fingers and much better tension! 

Hannah Abingdon

"Viv, fabulous coach she made it all fun and easy.
I liked the ease of the exercises and that you could do them at home when you had a spare few minutes. At the time I didn't think the exercises were doing anything, but the pics and tummy checks Viv did proved they were working :)"

Helen Abingdon

Remote Programming Holistic Core Restore Heavy

"I found Vivienne through a crossfit Facebook page and was so pleased to find someone who could take me from a newly post natal position back to potentially heavy lifting and my love of Crossfit. Vivienne was sympathetic to my desire to 'get back to it' whilst managing to keep my expectations in check! We are 3 months in now and I don't think my core/floor have ever been so well conditioned for the exercise I want to do! Vivienne has listened to my feedback, adapted constantly, offered advice and is now programming things I thought I'd never be able to do again after having my second baby and experiencing a minor prolapse. Thank you! X"

Vicki Buckinghamshire

Personal Training & Bootycamp

My Booty is now back where it should be…rather than behind my knees!

Louise Nursery Manager and Mummy to 3 children, Abingdon

Bootycamp! Outdoor fitness, non-military style – but working every muscle!

Catherine Oxford

I was pretty active and fit before becoming pregnant. I would regularly go to the gym and do lots of running (up to half marathon distance). When I fell pregnant I struggled to continue exercising and so lost a lot of my fitness, my pregnancy ended in a cesarean section so I knew that I would need a little help to get back to my previous levels of fitness.

I first met Vivienne when my daughter was 7 weeks old, we talked through my pregnancy and delivery, what my fitness had been previously, and what I wanted to achieve. She gave me some initial guidance on what I should be doing (nothing!) and an idea of a healthy eating plan which would help my recovery. I immediately felt reassured by her knowledge, her enthusiasm, and the fact that she was a mother herself.

We got started on my exercise programme when my daughter was about 14 weeks old, I was anxious about what the sessions would be like, especially bearing in mind the only exercise I had done in 6 months was walking, but Vivienne was patient and conscious of my situation at all times. The gym was quiet and spacious allowing us to do a variety of different circuit based exercises and talk through things such as diet or any injuries / pain I had.

I completed 10 one hour sessions with Vivienne over a three month period, the sessions were always varied. Vivienne challenged me each time to do new workouts, or push harder, which I responded well to, she also challenged me to tweak my diet suggesting I tried to eat more protein. Having reviewed my food diary she also recommended there were some foods I should be eating less of! I always felt our sessions were relaxed and informal, but I always left feeling exhausted and very very sweaty!

As a mother with a young child, there were times I found it difficult to arrange childcare to coincide with our sessions, and on one occasion Vivienne suggested I brought my daughter to the gym to make things easier. This worked really well, my daughter enjoyed watching mummy jumping around and being active and therefore I was able to keep up with my sessions without worrying about childcare! 

After three months of training with Vivienne I feel I have made a really good start on my road back to full fitness, I can now run a 5k, have managed to fit into my skinny jeans, and am nearly back to my pre-pregnancy weight; all things I thought would take me a lot longer than 6 months to achieve! I would say that, more importantly, training with Vivienne has given me the confidence to get back to exercise at a time in my life when I wondered if I would ever be able to enjoy exercising again. I feel able to return to the gym and to be confident in my running again, all the time bearing in mind I had major surgery just 6 months ago. I am very proud of what I have achieved and know that I have built a solid foundation from which to continue my fitness journey.

Claire Abingdon, Mum to Erin 7 months

When the new year came in, I decided that my New Years resolution was to get my self a personal trainer and get fit, and it has to be the best thing I have done !! Vivienne is very friendly and chatty and made all my nerves go away when I first started, she listened to what I would like to achieve and she has made that possible. As well as working me hard, she makes it fun and I can easily chat to her and have a laugh at the same time. She is now someone I can call a friend. Back then if someone had told me that I would love exercising as much as I do now, I would of not believed them. Vivienne has helped me to start achieve my goals, I have managed to drop a dress size and am starting to get more confident. I cannot thank her enough and I can’t see my life now without having Personal Balance in my life :)

Rebecca 24, Abingdon

Vivienne is great in getting grandmothers fit too. Having suddenly been struck with ill health in my late 50’s I was determined to regain my energy. Attending a local gym regularly has gone a long way towards this. Having Vivienne as my personal trainer ‘stretching’ me beyond my comfort zone but not too far has been and still is keeping me an active 63 year old grandma. You should try it too. 

Trish 63, Abingdon

Since starting Mummy camp 5 months ago I have noticed a vast improvement in my fitness and it’s helped me to get back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. More importantly my Pelvic floor is almost back to normal.  Thank you Vivienne next mission is a 6 pack before the next baby!!!

Katy Mum to James, 7 months