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Personal Training

If you don’t have time to get to the gym, let Personal Balance bring the gym to you

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Post Natal

Getting your body back in balance after having a baby with Personal Balance.

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Group Training

Come and join us at Personal Balance Bootycamp with your legs out and your lungs in!

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Diastasis Healing

Allowing your pelvic floor, breath and abdominal muscles to restore, repair and heal.

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Remote Training

NEW! Online remote training packages, tailored to you, post natal and pelvic floor friendly!

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What is it you want? 

Rebuild your body after having children? Find your core again? Lose weight, tone up and define your figure? Build muscle? Run a 5km race, a half marathon or obstacle course race? Do a sponsored walk with your kids? Just get out and about again?

So...what’s stopping you? Life, probably. You’re just too busy. You can’t fit regular exercise into your schedule, or it’s just not a priority because of your hectic lifestyle.

That’s where Personal Balance comes in. Based in Abingdon & Oxford, Personal Balance provides a unique, creative approach to health and fitness. As a licenced Holistic Core Restore® Coach, specialising in womens health & fitness, we offer a Holistic Core Restore® programmes, pre & post natal training, returning to fitness, Bootycamp and remote online training programes - all focusing on safe, functional exercise for women.

We can provide Personal Training sessions wherever and whenever suits you, to help achieve whatever your goals are. We can train with you outside, bring all the equipment and show you how to use it to get the best results. By starting small, building gradually and setting achievable weekly goals, we design a programme that fits you perfectly. You can choose to train at home or at Priority 6 (with a kids lounge!), its your choice, make it work for you.

Perfectly tailored. Perfectly Balanced.

We also offer group training sessions at a local park where you can meet and train with other people who share your goals.

We can give you all the help, support and advice you need to get your life back in balance.

So....what’s stopping you?

Get in touch via our contact page and let’s get started!

1 month ago
Mini Band Workout 1

Struggling to get a workout in? Try this Mini Band workout for size! Working your glutes, core and pelvic floor!

You can get mini bands from a number of places, Decathlon, Amazon, Physio ... See more

1 month ago
Personal Balance

Core Balance Summer Challenge starts today! There's still time to sign up!
£75 for 6 weeks of core workouts, sweaty workout bonus and nutritional tips!

Core Balance 6 week Summer Challenge starts Monday 29th July!
£75 for 6 weeks of core exercises, healthy eating and even a few sweaty workouts thrown in!
Who’s in?
Delivered via private Facebook ... See more

1 month ago
Holistic Core Restore

Fancy winning this beautiful Sweaty Betty water bottle and learning more about Holistic Core Restore®?


In anticipation of us reaching 1,500 followers, we are giving away this gorgeous @sweatybetty water bottle!⁠

All you have to do to enter is follow ... See more

2 months ago
TENA Women

Why are companies "normalising" and "glamourising" needing to wear incontinence pads?
There is nothing normal about wetting yourself, no matter how much or at what stage of life you are!
Would you ... See more

Find out how we're encouraging women to take a confident step forward with our new all-black underwear

2 months ago

Do you (still) have a Mummy Tummy? You could have a Diastasis, which is the separation of your abdominal muscles.
Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis Healing is a bespoke programme which will help ... See more

2 months ago
The Women's Wellness Coach

As a Holistic Core Restore® Coach I'm rebelling against all pads! Tena, Always, all of them... Don't get a free sample, it doesn't solve the problem, get ... See more

1 in 3 women experience weakness 😫 COMMON YES - NORMAL NO ! Oooops moments Get SUPPORT not a FREE PAD SAMPLE ! Message to find out how Holistic Core Restore a leading UK pelvic health programme ... See more

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