Holistic Core Restore® Bump


Our NEW Functional Pregnancy Exercise (get’s you strong for the life you lead) and Birth Preparation offering!  ‘Bump’ is an integrated, functional movement small group training or 1-1 programme, specially designed to keep the mom-to-be strong, mobile and pain free throughout her pregnancy and get her ready for her big day.  We’ll get re-aquainted with your Pelvic Floor and the rest of your Core and help you exercise safely throughout the Trimesters.


Who Is This Programme For?

  • Are you a Pregnant woman who wants to safely get or stay fit during Pregnancy and prepare for your birth with a passionate and highly trained/experienced Coach?
  • Do you want to know more about your Pelvic Floor, Core and overall health AND feel empowered during your Pregnancy exercise?
  • Have you experienced the odd leaky Pelvic Floor incident during your Pregnancy and know NOW is the time to take control?
  • Are you a woman that wants an easy to perform ANYWHERE, modern and effective way to strengthen her Core and re-establish its role as part of her whole body during Pregnancy?
  • Do you have ‘lower back pain’ issues that you’ve been told is due to your posture changes during Pregnancy?
  • Are you ready to prioritize your health and fitness now for the benefit of your baby and learn ESSENTIAL skills to last you a lifetime?
  • Are you ready to learn the importance of ‘rest’ and ‘self-care’ as part of your wellness journey?
  • Do you want to prepare for your Post Natal period to ensure a deep recovery after birth?
  • Do you want to understand the basics of ESSENTIAL NUTRITION for both you and your baby during your Pregnancy and understand the power of ‘just eating real food’?

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  • This class is a most delicious blend of our unique ‘Releases’ – we’ve redefined ‘stretching’ and mobilization to create something that will be very well received by every Pregnant woman.
  • We include ‘functional training’ to get and keep you strong for your ‘grand finale’ and your Post Natal journey.
  • We work on your Core and Pelvic Floor.
  • We get you prepared for birth with Pelvic Mobilization and a range of specific mobility exercises to encourage a shorter labour.
  • We teach you how to deeply connect to your breath and simple DEEP relaxation strategies.
  • We teach you simple mobilizations to keep you moving painfree throughout the Trimesters.
  • We educate you about the early PN period – the 4th Trimester – and ensure that you have your early day support system in place before the baby comes.
  • Overall, a modern, practical, nurturing and supportive time for the mum to be that will support you all the way to your baby’s birth date!  Get in touch, you’ll love it!

Price: £500 for 10 x 1 hour sessions

Pay Via GoCardless

Upon receipt of your payment you will be sent our online pre-screening form which must be completed prior to commencing the programme – I will then contact you to arrange our first session.


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