Group Classes

If you…

Don’t have the time to get to the gym regularly

Need the support and motivation of exercising with others

Prefer low impact exercise options – both for knees & pelvic floors

Need a class that is adaptable for any stage of fitness and post natal recovery

We have a choice of classes currently running – all online via Zoom, meaning you don’t need to worry about childcare or even leaving the house when you are super busy.
  • Sunday 8:30am – Bootycamp 60 minute class
    • Come and join us at Bootycamp with your legs out and your lungs in! Feel smug all DAY! Its a busy & popular class, a mixture of all abilities, with minimal equipment required
  • Wednesday 1:30-2:15pm – Sweats & Gains 45 minute class
    • Half sweaty, half strength, equipment needed – a mat, a weight on some description, could be a DB, KB, rucksack or large bottle of water, a mini band is always handy too! 
  • Friday 4:00pm – Sweatathon 60 minutes class
    • Not for the faint hearted, this is full on SWEAT to push you into the weekend! Everything can still be modified for any level of fitness or post natal recovery – you can go at your own pace or be pushed! Minimal equipment required.

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