About Personal Balance

What’s your balance….?

I’m Vivienne Rounsley, mummy to two medium sized children based in Abingdon & Oxford. I’ve always been a great believer in keeping fit and doing regular exercise: I take my health and fitness seriously, as well as family life. So getting the balance right for me is crucial.

I know how difficult it is to fit exercise into your schedule once you’ve had children. There’s always something to do for everyone else in the family – when do you get any time for you? Your health, exercise and fitness can easily become a low priority when you have kids, but that’s exactly when you need to be at your best and have loads of energy just to survive the school run!

I believe it’s all about personal balance. Employers these days focus on the importance of work/life balance for their employees so that they can do their best work. Why should it be any different for us busy parents?

Don’t have time to exercise? What about exercise that fits around your schedule: an hour’s training session tailored to your needs, fitted in to those hours between the school runs?

Don’t have time to get to the gym? What about if the gym came to you and you could exercise at your own pace and on your own terms? What if the gym had a lounge area for the kids to play whilst you train? 

That’s where Personal Balance comes in.

I’m a qualified personal trainer and licenced Holistic Core Restore® Coach, pelvic floor, diastasis (tummy gap) pre & post natal specialist. I took the plunge to start my own business after having my children. Now I’m using my passion for exercise and fitness and my experience as a trainer to help others find the time to boost their health and fitness and get their personal balance right.

But I’m also a mum. I understand how tricky it is to juggle all your priorities on a daily basis, let alone find the time, energy and motivation to exercise. 

I can help you lose weight, regain fitness, find new reserves of energy and get your life back in balance.

Benefits of the Personal Balance approach:

    • Personal training sessions can take place at your home, my garden, at Priority 6, or even via Zoom video calls –  to fit in with your schedule.
    • We can train outside, so space and the state of your house is never an issue!
    • I provide all the training equipment and instruction in how to use it
    • Sessions are tailored to your specific goals and requirements

In addition to the personal training sessions I also run regular group training sessions at the weekend if you fancy a change or feel like doing a bit extra!

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