13 Nov

While Dad’s trying to play “hide the sausage” Mum’s trying to play “ hide the veggies”

With kids, it’s sometimes so hard to find that balance of allowing them to eat a what is essentially “junk”, homemade sweet stuff and healthy wholesome meals. If I had my way, sweets would be banned and they would just eat all natural food; but in my busy life and my kids even busier social lives, I know it’s not remotely possible, so I try to balance everything out. My kids are at that age where they understand what healthy food is and what treats are, they also understand that there is a stash of sweets from the party they went to last week….and their location! So, it’s a tricky one. Do I ban them, risk ostracising them from their school friends or let them have sweet treats, with a balance of protein, vegetables and fruit too? With one child gluten free and the other who gets a bit wired on anything sugary, as a family, we have to manage what we eat and when (timing for the sugar boy is key!)

I find adding sweet vegetables into traditional meals helps with the sweet cravings. If they’ve had a pasta bolognese with extra grated carrots, courgette and broccoli in, typically they don’t ask for any pudding….

Anything using mince is perfect for hiding vegetables. Blitz in a blender, add in at the beginning of cooking. My daughter watches intently and knows they’re in  there…but also thinks they’re supposed to be in the recipe! Bolognaise, chilli, lasagne – switch out the pasta sheets for squash sheets or courgette.

Another big winner is the spiraliser. When the kids are arguing over who’s courgetti strip is the longest, I know I’m onto a winner!

My smallest monkey will also demolish anything with spice on. Vegetables disguised as a curry? Winner. Vegetable chili? Sorted.

The main thing, I think, is to workout the best way for YOUR kids to eat them. Hide them, spice them, slice them, roast them, eat them raw (stolen carrots whilst doing a roast). Find what works for your family. #whatsyourbalance 

26 Nov

3 for £10…yumminess

yumminess chicken image

Having a husband who pops to Waitrose on a Saturday morning post gym,  is great! He grabs his coffee, a 3 for £10 meat deal and presents them to me. We have 3 chickens! Yay!

…. Now… What to do differently with 3 whole chickens, in a family where dds latest whinge is… “… But we always have chicken..!” and do proclaims… “I hate chicken!”

So… One roasted for a Saturday roast with lots of green veg,  one slow cooker with leftover chicken stock,  on a bed of cherry tomatoes ND peppers, topped with Cajun spices….. The third?
Well I’ve left it til tonight for this delight…. Out comes the slow cooker again… I’m sooo in love with my slow cooker at the moment…. It’s just a tad small (Xmas list..? ?). So, I squish and squash my whole chicken in. This time remembering to cut off the parsons nose. Add a tablespoon of coconut oil and then rub in turmeric (2 tsp) ,  cumin seeds (1 tsp) & hot chilli powder (1/2 tsp), add in about 75 ml of water, a handful of raisins and whole almonds. Pop the lid on and set to auto. Breathe…..

Go to the chiropractor (bliss, but thought he’d pulled my actual arm off!), pop to Waitrose for a coffee and pick up pizza &  gluten free pizza as visiting friends,  pick up kids from school, go to friends,  get kids faces painted,  feed kids pizza,  go swimming, come home, feed kids post swim pudding.  Phew!

Open my new found love and inhale the deliciousness of my creation. Prod it. Decide it’s cooked. Yay! Attempt 3-4 photos, before the one above….. Now…. To wait til kids are in bed and devour…. Serve with leafy greens or broccoli…. Breathe and relax….

13 Oct


Tonight’s delight is a quickly thrown together,  yet delicious, spicy coconut chicken soup!


In a pan, put 1 can coconut milk,  about 200ml leftover homemade chicken gravy (or stock), plenty of leftover roasted chicken, a handful of ’round green’  beans, 1/2 finely chopped fennel,  2 tsp coriander &  2 tsp (to taste) of hot chili powder. Bring to the boil &  simmer for about 5 minutes. Add rice noodles if you need some carbs, you can also add any other veg –  ribbon carrots, courgettes, broccoli, etc

Enjoy whilst hot, with a large napkin!

01 Oct

Tonight’s delight!

Ok, so in the fridge… at 8pm (so prepared) is pork mince and lots of choppable /grateable veg

Into 1 hot pan, put in 400g pork mince, grate 1 medium sweet potato,  chop 1 yellow bell pepper, handful of roughly chopped mushrooms, tin of tomatoes and a variety of spices (I used my taco mix blend). Simmer for around 15 mins  then add 1 grated courgette and dinner for another 5/10 mins

Serve in a bowl, hubby will probably stuff a wrap with the yummy mix and I’ll have it in its own. Left overs for tomorrows post workout lunch! Done!

No idea what to call this…. Ideas in comments please!


28 Sep

Hello! My first blog…..!

So… I thought I’d start a blog….about everything and anything. Well… Sort of, so long as it’s about Food … Crossfit… Mums…. Fitness… Etc!

Tonight’s blog? Dinner. What to feed everyone on Mexican Monday…. By everyone, I mean me, hubby, 6 yr old boy (“not stir fry again”) and 8 yr old girl (going on 18)…

Jamie Oliver inspired creole green chilli!


2 x 400g grass fed beef mince (paleonutritionwales.co.uk is great for offers)

1 green bell pepper chopped roughly
1 head of broccoli, blitzed in the food processor to resemble green snow!
1 tin of chopped tomatoes
4/5 white mushrooms chopped finely
1 garlic minced
2 tsp Bart Blends creole mix (or to taste if you want spicier)

Brown the mince, then add all the other ingredients and simmer for 30-45 mins

Serve with rice, wraps (child friendly) or sweet potato wedges, plain greek yoghurt and a sprinkle of cheese for kids! Enjoy!


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